New Dishes & Appetizers

BY Erika Lim

It’s that time of the year when Yabu comes up with exciting new dishes!

These will all be available in stores starting today!

Chilled Japanese spinach mixed with sweet goma sauce 

Protein filled spinach and antioxidant rich sesame in one delicious salad. This powerhouse will make Popeye proud!

Baby octopus marinated in sweet-savory sauce, and tossed with crisp slices of cucumber

This refreshing and unique salad is the most unique addition to our appetizers.  Definitely a must try!

Our Miso Katsu is your choice of rosu, hire or Kurobuta pork cutlet topped with sweet miso sauce, sprinkled generously with spring onions and ground sesame seeds, all served on a Japanese hot plate.

Made with a rich blend of miso and special spices, this katsu set will have you asking for more rice and leave you wanting more!

3/4 inch-thick, juicy pork cutlet with a trimming of fat.  Made with certified U.S. Pork, for a softer, tastier dish.

All our Rosu katsu sets will now be made with US Pork!  Starting today, you can now have softer, juicier and more flavorful meat! 🙂