Join the Katsu Craze!

We constantly strive to become more than just a restaurant for you. Over the past year we have noticed that a Yabu clan has been progressively forming by all the people who are active on our social networks. This makes us very happy. We will always uphold the highest quality and  produce the best Katsu in all our stores and this message has been being delivered by each and every one of you, through your post, tweets, instagram photos, reviews and blogs.

We thank you for this.

We also love to hear what you have to say about your Katsu, how it makes you feel, or the different ways you enjoy your Yabu ritual.

But we wanted to do more for you.

We decided to create an iPhone Application, that functions as a camera app with editing capabilities that lets you customize all your pictures and we have linked it directly to twitter, facebook and instagram. This way, we can all follow each other and share our experiences. This was the best way we could think of to bring this Yabu Clan together.

Now, since we are talking about Iphones. Why don’t we give away one as well? An iPhone 5 Perhaps?

“But Yabu, how can we win this modern marvel of technology?”

It’s actually pretty simple, from the day we officially launch the app on April 12, you will have one month to use it and post with the application. We will be monitoring all your pictures, every day. We will stalk your feeds if we have to. After a month, we will select the best picture from the bunch and *taadaaa* free Iphone.

In short, the more you use and post with the app, the more chances you get to win the Iphone 5.

Tell us: How do you Yabu?

Click on the link: Katsu Craze