What’s The Yabu Craze About

As I bit into the katsu (without sauce yet), I felt the crunchiness of the outside, and within a second, my teeth touched the soft and tender pork inside tasting its natural juice. At this moment, I knew our order was a winner! So I try my second bite, this time dipping it in the katsu sauce…it was perfection!

Yabu House of Katsu Revisited

Thanks to Yabu, the Filipinos have been educated with the art of grinding their own sesame seeds and preparing their own tonkatsu sauce. When you dine at Yabu, this is the first thing they will give you as you wait fro your order. I guess this “pre-meal ritual” has been part of Yabu’s offer of unique dining experience to their customers.

Yabu: Bed of Rosus

We just got the smallest size for this one in order to conserve stomach real estate, and it was still considerably large, so that was impressive. This may have been fatty, but as you can see, the fat is perfectly distributed across the meat so every bite is a good experience. One of my pet peeves when it comes to Tonkatsu (since I was in grade school) is that sometimes, the edges within the breading are just a thick, nasty layer of fat. No such problem here!