A Bigger Yabu Experience at MOA

I usually go for one of Yabu's signature pork katsu, but this new katsu was definitely a whole new experience for me. Maybe its the ham. Maybe its the cheese. Maybe its the chicken. Or simply all these flavorful components blended together in an exciting new and unique katsu creation.

My Love Affair With Yabu

My love affair with Yabu started from the moment my lips first tasted their Katsu set one cold December night at their first branch in SM Megamall in 2011. I had never before experienced tonkatsu so soft, so tender, yet so big and meaty with crispy flakes and skin that crunch and melt at the same time.

What’s New In Yabu

Here's a closer look at my Oroshi Hire Katsu. First step is to squeeze the grapefruit on the katsu to neutralize the smell of the radish. Then pour the Ponzu sauce over the katsu. It's a refreshing twist to the classic katsus of Yabu so if you're looking for something new to try, order this.

Visiting Yabu at SM Aura

Let's face it.. Yabu: The House Of Katsu elevated Japanese Katsu to a new level of dining, to the point where different franchises from all around the globe scrambled to set up shop in the Philippines, just to get a piece of the action. I haven't tasted all the other Katsu places that have opened just yet, but in my opinion, Yabu's place in the market that it created in this country is safely perched at the very top.