Delight your taste buds with authentic Japanese appetizers & our delectable desserts.

  • Kid's Katsu Set Meal

    Kids can also enjoy Yabu with our Kids Katsu Set Meals! Served with potato croquette, edamame, Japanese rice, cabbage and a bowl of fruit

  • Wakame

    Sweet and juicy seaweed salad topped with ebiko.

  • Superior Potato and Egg Salad

    Chunks of potato and egg, tossed in creamy mayonnaise-mustard dressing.

  • Edamame

    Delicious young green soybeans, best eaten with a pinch of himalayan pink sea salt.

  • Rice

    Premium Japanese kohishikari white rice served steaming hot with sprinkles of black sesame.

  • Cabbage

    Crisp and fresh organic cabbage sliced to perfection to cleanse the palate. Best enjoyed with Yabu's Goma or Shoyu dressing.