Just Katsu

We headed for the 2nd level of the Atrium, not expecting much. The place looked attractive, modern and tastefully put together. There was a good-sized crowd which was comforting. The moment I opened that menu, I knew that we had a promising meal ahead of us.

YABU: House of Katsu

To make our meals a match made in heaven, we were given a serving of toasted sesame seeds which we had to grind with our own mini mortar and pestle, and mix with Yabu's signature katsu sauce. It's called The Katsu Ritual (so cool!) and Mr. Mon, Yabu Restaurant Manager, was eager and kind enough to demonstrate the ritual.

Yabu The House of Katsu

The date 11/11/11 (November 11, 2011) is a tad more especial for me, more than it’s visual appeal, as it marked this blog’s third anniversary. It is also the last Friday before my first 32K at Run United 3 so it’s the best time to carbo-load—and for this special day I picked the latest addition to SM Megamall’s restaurants, Yabu, on its opening day.

Yabu experience

The pork katsu that I ordered had no fat so that’s already a good thing. I was able to eat everything on my plate. The chicken katsu that they offer is soooo good! The chicken is so soft but cooked really well and I could have eaten two big servings.