Yabu: Enter Kurobuta

Kurobuta, also known as the Black Berkshire pig, is the world's finest pork. It is called the "kobe beef" of pork, due to its rich marbling, softness and flavor.
...and of course, the Kurobuta tonkatsu. It was actually a bit thick and as soon as I bit into it, I understood the hype. It was perfectly prepared in nice and flavorful breading. The real charm for me is how soft it was.

Yabu Reveals Their Imporkted Menu

Miso happy! The next time you find yourself mucking around a Yabu near you, order up a storm and try their newest creations and find out how they fare against your old favorites. Not only are all their sets pretty affordable, they are also served with unlimited rice (they have organic brown rice if you ask!), cabbage, and miso soup.

Yabu: Lord of Katsu

The Kurobuta, or the Black Berkshire pig, is hailed as the piggiest of all pigs. Why? Well it's all in the meat. This rosu cut was shaved off the bad-ass of all pigs, consisted of nearly an inch thick of succulent meat, and deep-fried to a perfection.

A Date with the Hubby!

For an average eater, eating at Yabu can be very overwhelming! I love their concept of everything unlimited. You can really eat to your satisfaction! I also love that you make your own sauce. Its like you play and pound the sesame for fun first before actually using it as sauce to eat your Katsu!