Easter lunch at Yabu

On Easter noon, Lloydi Gumba, Razel Buna and I tried the recently opened Yabu House of Katsu in Megamall Atrium after reading about the appetizing food of this Japanese restaurant here.
The place was packed on an Easter Sunday but we had reservations so we were able to get a table fast

Going Katsu Crazy at Yabu, House of Katsu

A new restaurant recently popped up at the 2nd level of SM Megamall Atrium called Yabu. Yabu specializes in katsu the short form of katsuretsu (cutlet), first invented in 19th century Japan and has evolved into a classic Japanese dish, available almost by default in most Japanese restaurants. In Yabu, they take the art of making katsu very seriously from the choice of ingredients to the way they prepare and cook the katsus even enlisting the services of popular Tokyo tonkasu restaurant Chef Kazuya Takeda of Takeshin Bunten to train their chefs.

Catch and the Katsu Craze

It’s been already over a week ago since I was announced as one of the five winners of Catch Gaviola’s blog giveaway in line with his birthday. We are to do a meet up to claim the prize, which I totally love by the way. Meeting the blogger himself is such a great honor and happy thought. It feels like the person that I just see on my laptop screen before….came to life. He’s right before my eyes already.

Yabu The House of Katsu

So far, we’re very happy with our experience at Yabu. The pork tenderloin in the Tonkatsu set is soft and juicy and the same goes for the chicken in my Katsu Curry meal. I was expecting the curry sauce to be a bit spicy though. For the interior, I was delighted to see the comic panels inside the restaurant. And as for the service, we were satisfied with it even though they just opened on the 11th and even if the restaurant is still on a soft opening. Visiting SM Megamall just to eat at Yabu is worth it.

Next time we should probably try the premium Kurobuta Tonkatsu set. The Kurobuta pork (Black Berkshire Pig) is said to be the “kobe beef” equivalent in pork.