FTF/Turning Japanese

This is what sets Yabu: The House of Katsu apart from its counterparts. They didn't try to imitate what something from Japan; they actually brought Japan here! The owners partnered with Chef Takeda Kazuya (of Tokyo's Tonkatsu Takeshin) and expert restaurateur Teiji Nakamura to give Filipinos a glimpse of what it's like to enjoy your katsu in downtown Tokyo.

Yabu House of Katsu Magnolia

The food was beyond fantastic. And the service was impeccable. I think many restaurants are forgetting that good food service is also part of the dining experience. I mean, even if you have the most mind-boggling delicious food in the world, but your service sucks, it ruins the whole experience. So I applaud Yabu because they make sure that their guests enjoy not only their food, but also the whole Yabu experience.

My Yabu Experience

Dining at Yabu is a 360-degree experience, it’s not only about the perfect katsu. It’s the modern playful Japanese interiors, it’s the friendly vibe of the staff, it’s the hustle from the customers, and it’s the warm welcome of the store’s manager, Mon, that makes you coming back at Yabu.